Dotdigital’s Interactive Booth Concept

May 11, 2022

For this year’s 2022 Retail Innovation Conference (IRS) in Chicago, marketing company Dotdigital wanted to engage attendees in a meaningful way. With our BatakPro Challenge, the company was able to effectively showcase what makes its marketing platform unique. The platform is trusted, future-proof and most importantly connected. To highlight how the brand connects marketers with their customers, attendees took turns connecting the dots as they striked lit up targets as fast as they could. Once a player’s time was up, they received a score based on their reaction time. Players with the fastest scores were eligible to receive prizes. Adding to the experience, the unit was customized with Dotdigital’s branding, which included the company’s furry mascot Winston!

About Dotdigital

Dotdigital is a leader in marketing automation technology. Trusted by 4,000+ businesses, Dotdigital is the customer engagement platform of choice for marketers seeking to connect with customers through cross-channel marketing. Our future-proof features empower brands across 150 countries to acquire, convert, and retain customers using email, SMS, social, and more. From creating a unified customer view, to surfacing powerful insights and implementing intelligent automations, Dotdigital’s highly acclaimed, easy-to-use platform is everything the modern marketer needs.

About Retail Innovation Conference (IRS)

This year’s conference took place May 11-12th at Mccormick Place Convention Center Chicago. For nearly a decade, the Retail Innovation Conference has been a go-to destination for senior leaders and experience executives to converge, collaborate and explore new paths to grow. The acceleration of digital behaviors during the pandemic have reaffirmed the importance of an omnichannel mindset. That’s why IRS now offers dedicated programming focused on the trends, issues and challenges driving leadership priorities.



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