Children’s Miracle Network’s Giant Human Claw Machine

December 3, 2021

20190613 171310 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Ready to dive back into live events? Let’s take it back to 2019, when we partnered up with Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Hospital’s Extra Life campaign at the Electronic Entertainment (E3) Expo. The campaign’s mission is to unite thousands of gamers around the world to support of their local CMN. With thousands of gamers in attendance, CMN knew they had to do something spectacular in order to maximize the number of visitors to their booth. With our Giant Human Claw Machine, a giant version of the classic game, they were able to do just that. From the prizes in the pit to the exterior facade, all aspects of the spectacle were branded with CMN’s campaign imagery and sponsors. At the booth, attendees waited for hours for their chance to “be the claw,” harnessed onto a crane-like device and dipped into a pit of mystery prizes from 16 sponsors including GameStop, Activision, GUNNAR Optiks, HORI, Jazwares and PlayStation. While all the prizes were awesome, there was one ultimate prize that everyone wanted – A custom Xbox One wrapped in a Philadelphia 76er’s skin, paired with a 76er’s jersey and in a pelican case signed by FaZe Clan and Trey Smith.

With thousands of gamers descending into the pit, and even more visiting the booth over the course of the expo, CMN has been able to create a lasting impression on nearly 70,000 attendees. Not only did the booth generate awareness for the Extra Life campaign, but it also secured thousands of dollars in funding by encouraging attendees to register or donate to the cause while waiting on line. On top of awareness created in person, our “Giant Human Claw Machine” also generated millions of online impressions from gamers who recorded their experience and posted to social media. As a result, countless people across the nation and beyond were exposed to Extra Life’s life-saving work.

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