Bernice Wissner Prviate Event – Back to the 80’s Red Carpet Style!!

July 18, 2011

Have you heard? The talk of the town is Bernice Wissner’s 1980’s Red Carpet Private Event for her closest 40 friends! Bernice wanted her guests to hop in a time machine to the 80’s, while at the same time, be in the spotlight and be treated like a lavish A-lister. To comply with Bernice’s vision, IEC bought our fancy schmancy red carpet and were ready to party! Back to the 80’s? No problem! Interactive Entertainment rocked with Bernice and her guests to a Rolling Stones Cover Band. Guests also enjoyed taking photos in front of a customized green screen photography background that put them into a Rolling Stone Magazine Cover, playing “Name that tune!” with our gameshow, Rocking out to guitar hero with wii system and arriving in a limousine!

wissner 1

wissner 29

wissner 50

wissner 156

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