6 Ways To Virtually Engage Your Team

September 14, 2020

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We’ve all been there: working from a cramped home office, managing our kids’ remote learning, struggling with endless Zoom calls. This major shift to remote working—while certainly the safest option during COVID-19—can cause feelings of isolation, a lack of work-life balance, and weakened relationships between team members. And when employees do come together for virtual meetings, the calls tend to be strictly business, leaving little room for the social interaction that happened naturally in an office environment.

But no fear, we can help. For those who aren’t familiar, IEG is a nationwide event production company that specializes in experiential activations and elevated event experiences for Fortune 500 companies, marketing and PR agencies, destination management companies, direct consumer brands, and other clients.

In recent months, our team has pivoted to create a wide variety of fun, out-of-the-box virtual activities and team building options through Zoom and other online chat platforms. The online activities—which range from scavenger hunts to trivia games to even horse racing—each include a live, energetic host who can keep track of points while keeping participants engaged.

But first, why go virtual?
Virtual events offer plenty of benefits. They can bring together employees around the world, without expensive and time-consuming travel, hotel stays, or set-up times. They’re shorter, allowing busy employees to attend without disrupting their work schedules. They’re weather-resistant, environmentally friendly, and not limited by venue size.

But best of all, virtual gatherings are a great way to increase employee morale and even productivity. Casual, fun gatherings help avoid burnout by engaging employees in activities unrelated to their work, and can forge unexpected relationships across all levels and departments.

One thing is clear: Remote and hybrid work are here to stay—which means virtual events will remain in high demand. To help you navigate this new normal, here are six standout options from our ever-expanding catalog of virtual event offerings.

1. Virtual Scavenger Hunt
Get team members moving with a new twist on a classic activity. In each round, participants have 30 seconds to find a common household object. To earn points for their team, they must bring the object into camera view before the buzzer, and a live host is on hand to motivate players and keep track of points. The 60-minute game can accommodate up to 40 people. Watch the demo.

Virtual%20Scavenger%20Hunt by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

2. Interactive Live Trivia
Each time a question appears, participants have 20 seconds to lock in their answer. A game pin allows them to answer questions in real time via their smart device, and once time’s up, points will be awarded to those with the correct answer selected. Questions can be customized, and the hour-long game—which includes a live host—can accommodate as many as 1,000 players. Watch the demo.

Interactive%20Live%20Trivia 0 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

3. Virtual Jeoparty
Yes, you read that right! Bring your team together with a classic game show virtually reimagined. Participants will connect via Zoom, where they’ll access a giant game board filled with customizable categories and clues. After a clue is revealed, participants use their smart device to buzz in, and the first person to ring in successfully will respond on behalf of their team. The live host can incorporate custom questions for up to 25 players or five teams. Watch the demo.

Virtual%20Jeoparty by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

4. Virtual Olympic Game Show
Missing the Olympics this summer? IEG can engage participants remotely with custom mini games and challenges, enabling team members to embrace their competitive side. With all participants in one place, this activation is ideal for corporate training and team building—just add prizes for an extra incentive. The games are designed for a minimum of eight players, or can accommodate up to 100 (or more if broken up into multiple sessions). Watch the demo.

Virtual%20Olympic%20Game%20Show by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

5. Night At The Races: Virtual Edition
Grab your best hat and boots, cause virtual horse racing is here! Prior to the event, all participants will be granted access to a betting document, where they will input their name and pick their horses. The event takes place via Zoom, and up to 150 participants can join to cheer on their picks. Winners will be announced by the host in real time. Watch the demo.

Night%20At%20The%20Races %20Virtual%20Edition by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

6. Virtual Bingo
This game of chance just got a major upgrade. Participants receive a Zoom link and a pin number to access the game via their smart devices. Once pin numbers are entered, each person receives an interactive Bingo card. Each time a ball is drawn, a corresponding animation will appear via Zoom. If your number is called, simply select the corresponding square on your smart device. Watch the demo.

Virtual%20Bingo by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Click here for the full list of virtual offerings.

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