6 Steal-Worthy Summer Event Activations

August 29, 2022

Summer may be coming to an end, but the memories (and brand activation inspo) will last forever. From Candy’s #BatterUp Challenge to Toyota’s Racing Station, we’ve summed up six of our favorite summer brand experiences to inspire your next event.

Candy’s #BatterUp Challenge

5 9 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Major League Baseball’s NFT partner Candy Digital made its mark on this year’s “Vee Con” with a fully branded 40x40ft virtual pitching and batting experience.

To participate in the experience, conference attendees signed up for a Candy.com account using QR codes located around the structure. After creating an account, participants stepped up to the plate, where they had the option to virtually pitch or bat using real baseball equipment. Branded graphics and interactive leaderboards enhanced the experience, allowing players to see their scores in real time. Those ranking highest in each of the 10 daily pitching and batting sessions were rewarded with free NFTs loaded onto their Candy account.

Wendy’s Robot Dipper

1 19 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Festival sponsor Wendy’s unveiled its Dipping Robot attraction at this month’s Adult Swim Block Party in Philidelphia. Throughout the festival, fans were selected to try out a life-sized version of a claw machine you may remember from childhood. After waiting in line and strapping in, each participant was lowered into a giant pit of prizes, where they had the chance to grab mystery boxes filled with swag from the hit show Rick and Morty.

Not only did the fast-food brand use this activation to highlight its collaboration with the network, but it also served as an opportunity to promote its newest breakfast item: Homestyle French Toast Sticks.

Toyota’s Racing Station

3 17 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Hundreds of Park City residents flocked to Canyon Village’s Forum Fest to celebrate Independence Day weekend.

To make festival sponsor Toyota stand out, we teamed up with our friends at Podium Marketing to create a custom racing station for the automotive brand. Featuring high-res graphics and realistic steering controls, our race chairs gave attendees the opportunity to race against one another in real time. Adding to the experience, chairs and gaming graphics were branded with Toyota’s logo. Spectators became part of the ride as they watched the race via external monitors.

Prime Video’s Speed Pitch

4 16 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

The 1992 classic film A League of Their Own is making its long-awaited return in a new Prime Video series premiering on August 12th. Ahead of the movie screening, attendees were invited to a street fair with free ballpark snacks, 1940’s music, antique cars, and a special green carpet photo opportunity. But the biggest draw was Prime Video’s Let ‘Er Rip Pitching Booth, where attendees lined up to test their pitching skills. Featuring a custom top sign and backdrop, the pitching booth effectively sparked excitement for the screening with hashtags #FindYourTeam and #LeagueOfTheirOwn.

Verizon’s Surfing Experience

6 3 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Verizon heated things up at this year’s Best Buy Achievers conference with its tropical vacation themed space. From artificial palm trees to shack-like lounge furniture, the telecommunications company went all out, transforming the conference into a tropical oasis. But they didn’t stop there – not only was the space to relax, but it also encouraged lighthearted adventure with a custom surfing simulator. To play, Achiever attendees stepped on a real surfboard and used their natural body weight to navigate through waves on a giant screen.

Ascendis’ Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Station

2 20 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Children’s nonprofit Magic Foundation just held its 28th Annual Convention, an educational experience providing a glimmer of hope to children impacted by endocrine disorder and their families.

Rather than going the traditional route, pharmaceutical company Ascendis partnered with Visual Communications to transform its booth space into a fully branded liquid nitrogen ice cream station. After choosing between four decadent flavors, our ice cream pros combined ingredients with a dash of liquid nitrogen, prompting a cool fog to billow from the mixture. Children and their families were mesmerized by the mystical dessert whipped up right before their eyes.

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