5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Corporate Holiday Entertainment Agency

November 17, 2021


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With Thanksgiving upon us, your corporate holiday party should be top of mind. And if you have not begun planning, consider this blog post a sign to get started! From selecting the perfect venue to creating the ultimate winter ambiance, there are a plethora of items to consider while planning your end-of-year event. But most important of all, it is crucial to partner with a reputable entertainment agency that can help you create a fun and memorable experience for your guests.

Keep reading for five things to consider when choosing an entertainment company to partner with for your corporate holiday party:

1) Reputation

The first thing to consider when selecting an agency is its reputation. Put simply—the better the entertainment agency’s reputation, the better experience you will have in both the planning and execution process. One of the best ways to gauge an agency’s reputation is by looking at its testimonial page, giving you a glimpse into what people are actually saying about them. If the agency does not have a testimonial page, consider looking at the company’s client roster. Do you recognize any of the names? If so, you will have peace of mind knowing that the agency has worked with a variety of widely known corporations.

2) Expertise

There are a few ways to go about evaluating an agency’s expertise. First look at how long the agency has been in business. If it has been around for 10+ years, this tells you that the business has been around long enough to establish itself as a leader in the industry. Another tell-tale is by checking out the LinkedIn profiles of agency employees. Looking at their experience will allow you to assess whether team members are equipped make your winter event a success.

3) Product Line

Rather than relying on several companies at once to accommodate your holiday entertainment needs, why not choose a company that can accommodate them all? From photo favors to interactive gaming to even talent, the company should offer everything you need to complete your holiday party vision. A huge weight will be taken off your shoulders knowing that everything is being handled by one, reputable company.

4) Customer Service

When it comes to planning a successful event, communication is key. If you submit an inquiry to an agency that is not addressed by the next business day, this is a sign that the company does not have a proper organizational system in place. Conversely, a quick reply rate shows that the company has the bandwidth to give your event the attention it deserves. Whether you prefer a call, email, or Zoom meeting, the agency should be able to accommodate your communication style and be available to reach at the drop of a hat.

5) Budget

While budget may not be the most fun aspect to consider, it cannot be ignored! Not only is it important to go with the agency with the most expertise, but also the one that has your best interests at heart with regard to allocating your budget. While compromises can be made in terms of the scale of the entertainment, you never want to sacrifice quality. Keep in mind that quality may be reflected in the pricing, covering everything from a streamlined experience to a professional events staff.

These five factors are just some of the many things to consider while finding the right entertainment partner for your corporate holiday party. Remember, this is not just any other event. It should set the tone for the following year, so it is important to make an informed decision for your guests!

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