5 Steal-Worthy Festival Activation Ideas

June 16, 2022


Festival season is finally here! And while attendees come for the performances, sponsorship activations have become a substantial component of the overall event. Wondering what makes these activations so successful? Rather than traditional advertising, these sponsorships give brands a unique opportunity to engage with consumers on a deeper level, making them subconsciously more inclined to make a purchase.

This experiential approach is gaining plenty of traction, meaning festivalgoers have higher expectations than ever before. From a branded zip line to a giant human claw, keep reading for a plethora of steal-worthy activation ideas for your next sponsorship.

Make your sponsorship an adventure

2 14 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Give attendees an adrenaline rush like never before with our customizable mobile zip line like T-Mobile’s at last year’s iHeart Radio Music Festival.

Create a competitive element

Baseball%20blog by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

At this year’s Forum Fest, sponsor Toyota engaged festival-goers with our custom racing chairs. Featuring high-res graphics and realistic steering controls, attendees raced against one another for a chance to rank on the leaderboard. Adding to the experience, chairs and gaming graphics were branded with Toyota’s logo. Spectators became part of the ride as they watched the race via external monitors.

Tie in sports

3 11 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Get attendees’ competitive juices flowing with this addictive two-player table soccer game. To play, each player sits on opposite benches acting as goals. Simply protect your net, trick your opponent and score.

Incorporate traditional festival components

1 13 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Do you have what it takes to ring the bell? Make a statement with up to five 22′ LED high strikers that can be seen from a great distance. Add custom graphics like Jolly Rancher did at MTV’s Fandom Awards.

Make it a spectacle

4 10 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Be the claw in a giant version of the classic arcade game. Festivalgoers will be lifted into the air on a crane-like device as they are dipped into a pit full of tempting prizes. Customize the experience with a fully wrapped exterior and unique prizes.

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