5 Interactive Employee Appreciation Ideas

February 21, 2023

📣 Reminder: Employee Appreciation Day is March 3rd.

With Employee Appreciation Day around the corner, why not go the extra mile with an event dedicated to solely to rewarding your team. From photo moments to competitive gaming, keep reading for five ideas that will leave your team feeling valued and recharged.

1. Create a photo moment

Infinite Photo Booth
Infinite Photo Booth | Photo Credit: Interactive Entertainment Group

By creating a photo moment, employers can give their team an opportunity to connect and show their personalities. Enhance the experience with custom backgrounds and silly props, allowing employees to express themselves with each photo taken.


2. Incorporate team building

Giant Foosball Xtreme
Giant Foosball Xtreme | Photo Credit: Interactive Entertainment Group

Team building can provide your team with a variety of long term benefits. Beyond breaking up the monotony of the everyday, competitive activities pushes your team to work together toward a common goal, allowing your staff to organically build relationships across all levels and departments. And when colleagues feel they can connect on a personal level, they are more likely to communicate better, making them more efficient and productive in their everyday tasks.


3. Host a company picnic

Hungry Hungry Humans
Hungry Hungry Humans | Photo Credit: Interactive Entertainment Group

Company picnics are often held in a casual and relaxed environment, which can help employees to unwind and enjoy themselves. Company picnics can also be family-friendly, which allows employees to bring their spouses, children, and even pets. This can help to create a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, and show that the company cares about the well-being of its employees and their families.


4. Pull on nostalgia

Giant Pac Man
Giant Pac Man | Photo Credit: Interactive Entertainment Group

Believe it or not, nostalgia is much more than a trip down memory lane. By incorporating a nostalgic element into your employee appreciation event, you can do wonders for your team’s success. These shared memories can allow your team members to connect with one another on a deeper level and act as a source of inspiration and creativity.


5. Play into sports

Real Sports Arena
Real Sports Arena | Photo Credit: Interactive Entertainment Group

Sports can be a great way to create a sense of competition and encourage employees to strive for excellence. This can help to motivate employees to work harder and perform at their best. By choosing sports that are inclusive and enjoyable for all employees, you can create a fun and engaging experience that shows appreciation for their hard work.

Whether you decide to host a company picnic or simply opt for a fun photo moment, hopefully this blog leaves you with plenty of inspiration for the creating the ultimate Employee Appreciation Day experience.

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