5 Grand Slam Event Ideas for Baseball Season

April 18, 2022


Baseball season is officially here, and we’re ready to hit it your next event out of the park. Whether you’re hoping to find your next sponsorship idea, reward staff or host a watch party, we’ve got all the inspiration you need for a grand slam event.

Home Run Derby

1 5 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Whether you’ve dreamt of throwing the opening pitch at Fenway Park or hitting a homer at Yankee Stadium, our three-screen simulator system will transport you into the arena of your favorite baseball team. Tailor the experience to your brand with logos and products incorporated into each stadium.

Batting Cages

2 5 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Score big with our portable batting cage, featuring a professional pitching arm that controls the speed of each ball.

Baseball Blast

3 4 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Step up to the plate and knock one out with this giant outdoor experience! Each hole signifies a different play, challenging the user with each swing.

Baseball Challenge

4 3 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Throw your best pitch with our electric pop-a-shot inspired baseball game.

Automated Popcorn Vending Machine

5 2 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Let guests help themselves with our automated popcorn machine requiring minimal touch. Prior to each use, a menu will appear on screen and prompt users to select either sweet or salty popcorn. Once popcorn type is selected, the machine will automatically dispense hot popcorn. No attendant needed!

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