5 Genius Ways Brands Have Used Our Human Claw

May 3, 2023

There’s a reason our Giant Human Claw is a viral sensation. Not only is the experience a spectacle people can’t help but to share, but it also provides brands with endless opportunities to showcase their personality. From Wendy’s “Robot Dipper” at Adult Swim’s Block Party Festival to Frito-Lay’s “General Store” at the Super Bowl, keep reading for five ways brands have transformed our claw machine with customization to achieve their event goals.


1. “Grab Life” With Travel Belize

“Grab Life” With Travel Belize
Giant Human Claw Machine | “Grab Life” With Travel Belize

The Belize Tourism Board’s (BTB) “Grab Life in Belize” sweepstakes gave consumers the chance to win the adventure of a lifetime. Rather than simply promoting the sweepstakes online, BTB partnered with Brewco Marketing Group on an event that brought the concept of “grabbing life” to life. The tourism board’s Grab Life Human Claw activation dipped attendees into a life-sized rainbow pit filled with a variety of prizes under the surface. From giant marine life stuffed animals to experience vouchers and even a trip to Belize, attendees dove through the pit in an effort to grab a prize.


2. Squishmallows’ Human Claw

Squishmallows’ Human Claw Goes Viral at VidCon
Giant Human Claw Machine | Squishmallows’ Human Claw Goes Viral at VidCon

Out of over 100 activations at VidCon, plush toy manufacturer Squishmallows took the cake with its “human claw machine,” allowing attendees to experience an arcade classic like never before. Sponsored by parent company Jazwares and made possible by Freeman, the colorful activation gave attendees the unique opportunity to dive into a giant plush pool of Squishmallows. Not only did the activation successfully draw in attendees, but it also made a massive impression online. Influencers like @CringeCarter and @Kaleigtv documented their experiences with the claw, resulting in millions of impressions on TikTok alone. Beyond social media, the brand has also secured media coverage on top sites like Yahoo, Vulture, Rolling Stone, BuzzFeed and NBC.


3. Wendy’s Robot Dipper

Wendy’s Robot Dipper at Adult Swim’s Block Party
Giant Human Claw Machine | Wendy’s Robot Dipper at Adult Swim’s Block Party

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more eccentric at Adult Swim‘s Block Party Festival, festival sponsor Wendy’s unveiled its Dipping Robot attraction, functioning as a life-sized version of a claw machine you may remember from childhood. Throughout the festival, fans were selected to “be the claw” in this once in a lifetime experience. After waiting in line and strapping in, each participant was lowered into a giant pit of prizes, where they had the chance to grab mystery boxes filled with swag from the hit show Rick and Morty.


4. Frito-Lay’s Super Bowl Experience

Frito-Lay’s Super Bowl Experience
Giant Human Claw Machine | Frito-Lay’s Super Bowl Experience

Everyone knows the Super Bowl would be incomplete without the snacks, so it’s only natural Frito-Lay took part in the experience. The snack brand partnered with New Creatures to create an immersive “general store.” Filled with 6000 bags of snacks ranging from Tostitos to Doritos, this general store is anything but typical. Instead of walking into the store, fans were lifted into the air on a crane-like device and relied on their hand-eye coordination rather than money to grab the goods they desire.


5. League Of Legends’ Blitzcrank Grab Claw

AWS re:Play League of Legends Gaming Area
Giant Human Claw Machine | AWS re:Play League of Legends Gaming Area

Riot Games transformed our Giant Human Claw Machine into the ultimate experience inspired by League of Legends character Blitzcrank. After attendees were lifted into the air, they descended into a giant pit of untold treasures that were up for grabs. Prizes included league of legends swag and other goodies.


Now that you’ve seen all the inspo, it’s time to get brainstorming on how you’ll make the claw your own!

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