5 Colorful Ways to Celebrate #PrideMonth

June 7, 2022


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First off, #HappyPride! Here in 2022, Pride is often seen as a colorful holiday celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. While this may be true at the surface, it is important to understand the dark past of the holiday’s origins.

Back in 1969, homosexual acts were deemed illegal in nearly every state, making it extremely difficult for LGBTQ+ people to live an authentic life. Then one June night, members of the community decided to fight back against these injustices, going down in history as the Stonewall Uprising. Fast forwarding to the following June in 1970, the first Pride parade took place, commemorating this tipping point in queer history.

While Pride should be celebrated year-round, the month of June is the perfect opportunity for companies to promote awareness and equality among all team members, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. Keep reading for six colorful activities to help promote an accepting environment for all.

Pride Beverages

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From a colorful coffee to a “love is love” cocktail, beverage art is a delicious and sharable way to get your team into the Pride spirit. Choose from a variety of Pride themed drink and design options.

Pride Social

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Just because your team is working remotely, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Pride. Our Pride themed virtual event is a new twist on happy hour, featuring a variety of interactive mini-games. Once participants are split into groups, they will go head-to-head in Fun Fact Matching, Pub Trivia, Buzz-In Challenges and Pictionary.

Giant Light Bright

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Be the ultimate artist with a classic toy reimagined, featuring a giant illuminating surface with colored pegs to match. Whether you display a custom Pride message or let your team’s imagination run free, the way the surface used is entirely up to you!

Mixed Reality Paint Studio

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Step into our virtual reality art studio, and express yourself in 360 degrees. Team members will paint in mid-air, choosing from dozens of paint colors, brush styles and animated effects. The virtual studio will be displayed live on screen, getting onlookers excited to try it out for themselves.

LED Mini Golf

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Light up your Pride celebration with our portable, LED version of a classic game.

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