4 Ways To Engage Attendees Live

June 3, 2021

21 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

With live conferences making a comeback, attendee expectations are at an all-time high. Between transportation expenses and travel time, it’s going to take much more than free snacks and swag to incentivize invitees to venture away from their remote workspace.

In this emerging era, interactive experiences are a crucial component of any successful convention, hospitality suite or meeting. Whether your goal is to drive attendance, break up the agenda or generate buzz, check out four immersive products to ensure a worthwhile attendee experience.

1. Ultimate Sports Arena

Looking for a way to break up the agenda? Whether your attendees have dreamt of throwing the opening pitch at Fenway Park or kicking a field goal at Giants Stadium, our three-screen simulator system will transport them from your meeting space into the arena of their favorite sports team.

Tailor the experience to your conference and its sponsors with logos and products incorporated into each stadium.

22 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

2. Live Photo Mosaic Wall

Commemorate your next conference with a giant mosaic featuring a logo or image of your choosing. To be featured in the mosaic, attendees will need to snap a photo via their smart devices.

Once posted to social media using a custom hashtag, their photos will automatically be added as a piece of the larger image! Not only does the activation make for a great spectacle, but it also creates buzz across social media channels.

23 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

3. Urban Hoops

Slam dunk your next conference with Urban Hoops, a city inspired basketball game gone high-tech. With two game modes to choose from, this product is far from your typical pop-a-shot. In fact, everything from the ball return to scoreboard graphics can be customized to your meeting and its sponsors.

24 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

4. Roll-A-Ball Racing

Cue the nostalgia with a fresh take on roll-a-ball, a four player game straight out of your childhood arcade. Tailor the experience to your conference with a fully skinned exterior and customizable score markers (i.e., replace the classic horses with smartphones, light bulbs, money, etc.).

All four products are provided by Interactive Entertainment Group, a premier source for live and virtual entertainment. Find more interactive products here. Customization is available for all products listed. For more information or to book an event, visit interactiveparty.com, email [email protected] or call 1.800.760.0724.

25 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

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