4 Ways to Celebrate Your Team This Labor Day

August 3, 2022

August is officially here, meaning Labor Day is just around the corner. While the national holiday is often associated with the unofficial end of summer, many forget its actual intention, which is to recognize the achievements of American workers.

Rather than simply giving employees a long weekend, why not go the extra mile with a lighthearted outing that celebrates all that they do. From a life-sized version of Hungry Hungry Hippos to a gnarly Surfing Simulator, keep reading for four fun-filled ideas that will leave your team feeling connected and appreciated.

Hungry Hungry Humans

1 15 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Time to chow down! This four-player bungee style game involves speed, strength and agility. Once the referee blows the whistle, players will race to the center pit to retrieve as many balls as possible. Once all balls are taken, the player with the largest stash wins.

Wipe Out

2 16 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Make waves at your Labor Day celebration with our mechanical surfing machine. Opponents will compete side-by-side as they attempt to stand on their surfboard as long as possible. Surfboards simultaneously make the same movements, giving riders an equally challenging experience.

Dodgeball Arena

3 13 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Bring the fun of dodgeball straight to your end-of-summer outing with our inflatable arena, featuring everything needed for gameplay.

Giant Mini Golf Course

4 12 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Putt your way to victory with our Giant Mini Golf Course, featuring a variety of obstacles to keep team members on their toes! Choose from a three or nine hole configuration.

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