4 Sizzling Social Media Activations

May 16, 2022


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If your event isn’t sharable, did it really even happen? This day in age, social media interactivity is a critical component of any successful event. From encouraging real-time attendee interactions to generating brand exposure beyond the venue, there are a seemingly endless number of benefits to incorporating social media into your event.

Benefits of incorporating social media into your events strategy:

  • Encourages real-time interactions and user-generated content
  • Increases engagement both in-person and online
  • Offers a more personalized experience for guests
  • Generates brand exposure beyond the venue

From photo-ops to swag experiences and beyond, keep reading to see how you can leverage the power of social media to amplify your event.

Entice guests with an Instagram-inspired photo op

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Featuring an Instagram inspired exterior and prints made to look like your feed, this Instagram-inspired photo booth brings the fun of social media straight to your event. After taking a photo with the kiosk, it can instantly be shared via social media, email or text.

Reward attendees for participation on social media

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Trouble getting people to engage with your hashtag? People love incentives, so why not reward them for posting on social media? After tweeting with a custom hashtag, our social media vending machine dispenses promotional swag of your choosing. Guests get prizes and you get additional exposure – so it’s a win-win.

Turn your campaign into art

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Promote your latest campaign with a custom mosaic wall everyone can be a part of. Whether consumers are snapping a photo at your event or taking a selfie from home, consumers near and far can get in on the action! Once the photo is posted using a custom hashtag, it will print automatically and get added to the mosaic in real time. Once the activation is complete, a mosaic combining all submissions will be revealed physically and digitally for use in social media, marketing materials, or even your office.

Create a social media wall

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Generate buzz around your event with our live social media wall. When visitors are enjoying an event, they often want to capture the moment for others to see. When sharing these moments via social media, you can encourage guests to use a custom hashtag which will automatically pull their content into a live feed on screen.

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