4 Outdoor Sports Attractions

July 16, 2020

News flash: summer is not cancelled! The warm weather has made small outdoor gatherings possible, and we couldn’t be more ready. With that said, we’ve curated a list of foot-powered attractions guaranteed to make you think on your feet (literally) with minimal touch required. So what are you waiting for? Let’s knock your next small gathering out of the park with four sports games reimagined.

1. Giant Soccer Darts

Combining two classic games of skill, this giant inflatable uses velcro soccer balls in place of plastic darts.

2. Wipeout!

This two player challenge is the ultimate test of agility. Each surfboard moves identically, making the product ideal for competition.

3. Football Challenge

A football lover’s dream! Players will challenge one another by scoring as many field goals as possible in a designated timeframe.

4. Giant Pool Table

Pool meets soccer with this giant inflatable twist on a classic game. Unlike in a regular game of pool, players must use their feet to maneuver a set of colored soccer balls into the six pockets.

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