4 Giant Lawn Games

July 15, 2020

Nothing says summer like an outdoor event. While this summer may be far from typical, small outdoor gatherings are an ideal way to socialize in a safe way. Our giant lawn games keep players spread out, making it possible for them to maintain a safe social distance. See below for four ideas guaranteed to give your next outdoor get-together a giant improvement:

Giant Beer Pong

With our giant customizable solo cups, this product takes beer pong to the next level.

Giant Checkers

This two player game of strategy just got a major upgrade. Conquering this gameboard is somehow more meaningful.

Giant Connect 4

Standing at nearly four feet tall, this classic two player game is guaranteed to bring out your inner child.

Giant Battleship

Bring your childhood to life and sink your opponent’s fleet in this giant version of the war game we all know and love.

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