4 Football-Inspired Event Favorites

August 8, 2022

Football season kicks off September 8th, meaning we are less than a month away from jam-packed stadiums, game recaps, intense rivalries and everything else we love about the American sport. While football talk might be commonplace in the office, why not take it a step further this year with a football themed event? Whether you are looking to encourage camaraderie among coworkers or merely celebrate the sport, keep reading for six ways to tie football into your next corporate picnic, sponsorship activation or team building event.

Virtual Quarterback Challenge

1 17 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Kick off your event with our coveted sports simulator, transporting event guests to a football stadium of their choosing. Players will test their skills in a two-minute drill as they attempt a touchdown, pass or a field goal to win the game.

Football Challenge

Football by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

With a field goal challenge and football toss in one, this unit is ideal for injecting some friendly competition into your next corporate picnic.

Social Media Vending Machine

5 8 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Encourage event engagement with our social media powered vending machine. After tweeting with a custom hashtag, swag of your choosing will be dispensed automatically. Take the experience a step further and customize the unit with graphics from your city’s football team.

Giant Human Claw

2 18 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Go big or go home this football season with a life-sized version of a classic arcade game. Guests will be lifted into the air on a crane-like device as they are dipped into a pit full of football-themed prizes.

2-Minute Drill

4 14 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Channel your favorite quarterback in this two-minute game of skill. When the timer begins, two players will attempt to throw as many footballs as they can into their designated slots. The player with the highest score displayed at the end of the round is the MVP!

Giant Football Darts

3 15 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Unleash your inner quarterback with a new spin on darts! Players will take turns throwing velcro footballs at a giant inflatable dartboard.

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