4 Cheeky Conference Ideas

June 16, 2022


When it comes to conferences, it’s no secret that attendee engagement is the key to success. But getting attendees to interact within your exhibits and sessions is easier said than done. While the very nature of these get-togethers may not be enthralling, there are plenty of ways to inject some personality into the setting. From custom gaming to nostalgic elements, keep reading for four cheeky ways to get attendees to experience your conference in a fun and unexpected way.

Transport attendees somewhere exciting

1 12 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Make waves at your next conference with our motion-powered surfing experience. Participants will use their natural body weight as they navigate through the waves on a giant screen. Take the experience to the next level with custom graphics incorporated into the game and a customizable photo op.

Incorporate nostalgia for the new age

4 9 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Cue the nostalgia with roll-a-ball, a four player game straight out of your childhood arcade. Tailor the experience to your brand with a fully skinned exterior and customizable score markers (i.e., replace the classic horses with smartphones, fruits, skateboards, etc.).

Incorporate competitive elements

2 13 by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Slam dunk your next conference with Urban Hoops, a city inspired basketball game gone high-tech. Tailor the experience to your sponsors with custom branding and leaderboards.

Let attendees’ imagination run wild

1Cheeky%20Conferences%20Blog by Interactive Entertainment Group, Inc.

Be the ultimate artist with a classic toy reimagined, featuring a giant illuminating surface with colored pegs to match. Whether you display a custom brand or message or let attendees’ imagination run free, the way the surface is used is entirely up to you!

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