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01 Oct 2022
With the end of the year creeping up, there is no doubt that spooky season is upon us. While Halloween is often considered a kid's holiday, there is no reason your team can’t get in on the hocus pocus.  
27 Sep 2022
NASA made history Monday, September 26th, successfully colliding its spaceship with an asteroid called Dimorphos in its Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART). What makes this test significant? It’s the first-time humanity has shown its ability to deflect an earth-threatening asteroid from hitting our planet. 
15 Sep 2022
This Labor Day weekend, Miami’s premier Historically Black College and University (HBCU) hosted its annual Orange Blossom Classic football game, pitting Florida A&
14 Sep 2022
For this year’s 2022 Support World Live (SWL) in Las Vegas, tech company IFS wanted its booth concept to engage attendees in a meaningful way
14 Sep 2022
Electronics company Crestron may have started off in a room above a deli, but you would never know that today. This month the company celebrates 50 years of innovation, 5k employees and more than 90 offices across the globe.    
13 Sep 2022
With pumpkin spice making its return and leaves beginning to change color, now's the perfect time to begin planning this semester’s fall events. Whether you are hosting a fall fest, Halloween spooktacular or a football tailgate, keep reading for a variety of experiences to invigorate the campus community this autumn.   

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