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Our Customized VR surfing simulator helped Baume and Mercier guests catch a waive at their recent Corporate Event at the Battery in San Francisco, California.  Guests “Hung Ten” playinstomized Leaderboard kept score of the top surfers results for some competitive fun!  Looking to promote your brand this summer?  Call us…we can help!
Our Giant Snow Globe shook things up at the City of Madison’s City Event in Kentucky.  Guests took some pictures and selfies with this popular Customized and Branded item with some interactive props to add some fun.  Who says Snow Globes are just for Winter.  Not us!
Our Batak Pro game tested trade show attendees eye and hand coordination at Anthem’s Tradeshow booth at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.  Attendees challenged other contestants skill levels to see who would win 1st Prize, 2nd and 3rd prize.  Tradeshow attendees cheered on the participants which drew a large crowd at Anthem’s tradeshow booth.  Looking to build traffic at your next tradeshow?
Giant Foosball, Giant Pac man and our Virtual Graffiti Wall helped Metro Connections clients unwind at their Corporate Event in Nashville, Tennessee.  Customized Corporate Branding helped Metro Connection build their brand while allow
Everyone was a winner at Vistaprint’s Corporate Casino Party.  Guests enjoyed throwing the dice with games such as Roulette and Craps while trying their luck at black jack and poker in their o
One of America’s favorite designers had shoppers mesmerized while browsing their flagship store in NYC with our Virtual Reality Oculus Pods.  Shoppers were immersed in VR environments to make their shopping experience a more interactive one.  Branding and Customized VR experiences helped this brand set the bar high for an immersive shopping experience while building their brand.  Need something different at
IEG’s own creation Urban Hoops took center stage at Cyrano Rox Experience Design’s Tradeshow Booth at the American’s Convention Center in St. Louis Missouri.  Guests tested their Basketball skills and playing against the clock to beat out other attendees for prizes.
Riot Games “League of Legend” employees tested their gaming capabilities at their 2017 Game Day on their Main Campus in Los Angeles California.  Employees competed with their co-workers to test their climbing skills with our Augmented Reality Climbing Wall.  Some Giant Games including Giant Pacman,
Our Massive Mega Light Bright shined bright like a diamond at Allen & Overy’s Corporate Summer Event at the Refinery Hotel Rooftop Bar in NYC.  This event promotion lit up the night as guests created their own custom images accommodated by their own selfie pics for posting onto social media outlets.  This Mega Light Bright Unit could be seen from the busy street and high rise buildings of America’s greatest city
WE DID IT!  Our Giant Human Claw made its debut at Sun Communities Corporate Event in Michigan.  Just like the classic claw machine guests were hoisted  in the air and slowly lowered to “Prize Heaven” while blind folded for extra excitement.  The objective of this Giant activity was for guests to grab as many prizes as possible while flying over the top of the prize horizon.

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