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What is your “Plus” story?  IEG and Proactiv Plus team up at LA Live with two of our Virtual Graffiti Walls for the National Beauty Conference for 4 days!!
Evolution1 Healthcare brings our Super Booth to their latest Event Promotion at the Seattle Convention Center.  Our Super booth Attraction was able to play a custom infomercial for each attendee who wanted to participate in a custom "photo shoot" with live branding and video of Evolutio
Do you need something completely different for your next trade show??  Joann’s fabrics did and had increased traffic at their trade show booth with our Instacam Photo Booth.  Guests took customized “instagram” pictures with custom hash tags to advertise their products a
Like a Good Neighbor…State Farm is there!!  IEG continues the State Farm tour with our InstaCam Photo Booth in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Custom Photos, hashtags and all for attendees!  Call us for your next tour!
IEG Runs on Donuts!!  Our Donutologist brought attendees to their knees with amazing mini donuts for Qualisoy Oil.  The smell, taste and texture made it the hit of the MSL trade show in New Orleans!!  Blockades had to be used to keep control the overwhelming traffic at this booth!! 
Beats and IEG team up in Miami, Florida to launch their new App on our Giant iPhone.  Users loved the new App to listen to their favorite music on custom Beats !!  This experiential marketing campaign fulfilled all the senses and created an Interactive Experience for all!! 

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