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YOU DON'T KNOW JACK! You are probably wondering who we are talking about. Jack just had his Bar Mitzvah on February 4th and Interactive Entertainment was there for this very successful event!  We brought along our brand new DJ Scratcher and it was a hit with the guests! Party guests were able to be a DJ by designing their very own mixes and even taking their mixes home on a CD.
Interactive Entertainment traveled to Indy for the ESPN's Superbowl Pre-Party at the Indianapolis  Gardens Art Center with our "Virtual Graffiti Wall." Guests were able to use our brand new custom made stencils that were created for the event. Giants fans and Patriot fans all came to try our Graffiti Wall and had a blast!  
 Interactive Entertainment is taking a trip down the runway in NYC. We are talking about the biggest fashion event of the year, "Fashion Week 2012." Interactive Entertainment is there for the event with our Social Media Photobooth and the Fashionistas are on the prowl to try it out.
Interactive Entertainment had another successful corporate party! On February 25, ING Direct had their Toga Casino Party and IEC was there for the fun.

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