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Light-up Ping Pong (New Product!) - Temple Sinai Mitzvah in NJ IEC had a ball this weekend with a NEW Light up Ping Pong & 3 Monitor Truss Arcade w/ dual controllers for 2 players at each station, wii: super mario bro’s & american idol, PS3: madden 12, Xbox Kinect: fruit kinjas, kinect sport & adventures! So fun!
Diana Ross & The Supreme's headed to Boston's, The Beehive, to prove that there 'aint no mountain high enough to keep us from gettin' to our clients! Check out some more awesome look-a-like's here - Impersonators! 
Tons of fun was brought to The First State by Interactive Entertainment Group on Wednesday.  See below to view all the greatness!!! (Casino tables, slot machines, ping-pong, tri-hockey, twister, and the wrecking ball!)
IEC's Zoltar Machine Tells The Future in Glenn Mills PA for a Wedding!
One of our favorite things is combining FUN with LUXURY! Now what, may we ask, Long Islanders, is more luxurious than the one and only Oheka Castle?! Hmm...nothing!...
Interactive Entertainment Group has tons of awesome halloween party ideas! A headless horseman for your next event? Or perhaps a spooky, scary, casino bash! Let us know and we'll do all the work! 800.760.0724
Interactive Entertainmet Group had a total blast yesterday doing 17 events for Bloomingdales across the nation! See below for event fun and color splash photos!Click this link for full access of all the event photos! --> Click me!


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