Barack Obama

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Barack Obama

President Barack Obama impersonator, comedian and lookalike Michael, aka "Barack-Alike" just might be the right fit for your Event, Meeting, Celebration or Special Occasion.

Barack-Alike is a near mirror image and dead ringer of President Obama.

He can deliver a tailored monologue that will help you achieve your event objectives.

His cadence and off-the-top one liners (as well as photographs with) are crowd pleasers and cherished mementos.

President Obama impersonator's routine will be personalized and tailored. When Barack-alike appears at your event it will be "soooo unexpected"! You will witness the shock and awe as well as jaw dropping that is embraced with enthusiasm and admiration from adoring attendees.

This President Obama Impersonator is the most authentic in the world.

Hire or book Barack-alike "NOW" for he is a perfect compliment for your event.

My goal is to leave an impression that your guest won't soon forget.


Special events & occasions, meet & greets, photo ops, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, surprises, birthdays, conventions, commercials, trade shows, roast and etc.....

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